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Alexandra Lucas is a woven textile studio. All work is made on an ancient backstrap loom.

South Tottenham, London, N15, GB

Craft & Making
Visual Arts
Arts Education
Fine Art
Mixed Media
Interior Design
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    Alexandra Lucas studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins and she is now running her own weaving practice in North East London.

    Alexandra weaves tapestries and rugs on an ancient backstrap loom which is strapped onto her body. Whenever the weaver moves forward or backwards, the loom changes and morphs into what she needs it to be. It is labour intensive, tedious but surprisingly meditative.

    Her work often touches on the themes of nostalgia, be it through abstracting family albums or weaving crisp packets as an ode to her ultimate childhood comfort food. She’s fascinated with the fact that weaving is a practice that connects us all as humans across history and cultures. Each piece is made with traditional techniques for the modern context, made to last and be cherished for years to come.

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