Alice Perse Clarke


Alice is a painter with a social practice. She works collaboratively with communities around London.

North Tottenham, London, N15, GB

Visual Arts
Arts Education
Fine Art
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    Alice is a painter with a social practice, living and working in Tottenham. She was born in Brooklyn, grew up in London and initially trained as a civil engineer. Her work is inspired by the way nature is removed from modern life and only sometimes put back, in a highly managed way.

    She is currently making large, colourful paintings of small pot plants; the nature we bring into our homes. The designs are big, bright and reminiscent of stained glass windows. Drawing a link between worship and nature she celebrates our love of the natural world, immortalising it in oil paint and activism.

    Alice accepts two different payment methods:

    1. The usual one... money

    2. Your time spent doing environmental activism

    Alice has a Diploma in Fine Art from the Art Academy London where she now often teaches. She runs community workshops and public participatory arts events for a variety of organisations; from schools and disability support groups to the theatres and property developers.

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    Self employed / sole trader



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