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I am passionate about enhancing living spaces in homes and specialize create murals.


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    Manuel Gonzalez Behrens, also known as Mag'z, was born in Valencia, Venezuela in 1974. His artistic journey began at a young age, influenced by his grandmother, who was an artist herself. Her passion for art, colours, and textures inspired Mag'z and laid the foundation for his artistic development. In recognition of his talent and dedication, Mag'z received the first prize in the Turtle Conservation art contest organized by the Sea Turtle Conservancy in 2014.FL-U.S. His winning artwork titled "Exploring the Ocean" exemplifies his ability to capture the beauty and significance of marine life.Beyond his artistic pursuits, Mag'z has been actively involved in foundations dedicated to the conservation of marine wildlife.

    Currently residing in London, Mag'z continues to share his knowledge and artistic journey with others. Through his adventures in the old continent, he remains dedicated to furthering his artistic exploration and making a lasting impact in the world of art.

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