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Online store offering handmade, artisanal homeware from Morocco.

46 Kitchener Rd, London, N17 6DX, GB

Interior Design
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    We celebrate our ancestors traditions through soulfully sourced artisanal homeware handpicked from villages and cooperatives across our North-African homeland of Morocco. We share our treasured finds to connect Moroccan artisans and their ancient crafts with modern market access so they can continue doing what they love, and preserve the artistry of traditional handmade products for future generations.

    Artisans Du Maroc is a sisterly celebration of the Morocco of our childhood memories. The magic and excitement we felt inside the souks we explored as children stays with us to this day. We have a deep love and appreciation for our Moroccan homeland, its rich culture and artistic heritage. The idea to form Artisans du Maroc was a simple one, born of a desire to empower our native craftspeople and share their wares with the world.

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