Christian Cassiel


Photographer, art collector and curator

London, Tottenham

Media, Film & Photography
Visual Arts
Arts Education
Interior Design
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    Christian Cassiel is a British-Jamaican visual artist who utilizes photography as a means to navigate the world and form deep connections with the people and the communities he immerses himself within. This approach allows him to create photographs that are visually captivating and emotionally resonant

    Through his photographic journey and dedication to personal projects, Christian has attracted a diverse range of creative and commercial clients which include Masterclass, Google, Barclays, Atmos, SSENSE, Mr Porter and WeTransfer.

    In addition to photography, Christian is the founder of Seed, A growing art space that collects and shares antique objects and artwork while developing a curatorial practice that is the study of material and underlying form.

    Seed transitions from conventional ideas of galleries and museums, creating a home for objects where they live, evolve and collectively reconcile broken pasts and lost identities with a continually more interconnected future.

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