Common goldfish


Music Collective based in Tottenham

Ten87 Studios, 39a Markfield Rd, London, N15 4QA, GB

Music & Performing Arts
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    With a nod to the late 60s psychedelic rock movement, and more recently the 90s Britpop era, common goldfish’s sound boasts a nostalgic familiarity, whilst spinning new threads in contemporary music. The brainchild of Jonty Lovell, the Tottenham-based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is making a name for himself gigging in venues from Bussey Building to Luna Lounge and The Sailsbury, and busking along the canals of Hackney Wick.

    Common goldfish’s vibrant and ear catching melodies laid over a combination of breakbeats and funk-inspired bass lines, create an irresistible groove that stirs a sense of optimism. This presents a contrast to the lyrical subjects, which often contain deeper reoccurring themes around social and environmental pressures, including alienation, mental health and climate change.

    The Artist’s first track “Feel The Fuzz” is set for release on March 10th, which has been tipped as one to watch for 2022.

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