Francis Arts


Hand cut and stretched acrylic and oil fine art

South Tottenham, London, N15, GB

Visual Arts
Fine Art
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    The artist at Francis Arts began painting in 2012 and recently invested in additional space to house her work and scale up the size of the paintings. The paintings are primarily large abstract reliefs, born from the repetition and destruction of similar lines and patterns. Her work is made both experientially and for the viewer to take in as eyes focus and draw themselves across the paintings. While not classically trained, she has developed a distinctive process and style for creating and has continued to build on her skills working across different media (gessoes, handmade pigments, acrylics and gessos). She paints exclusively with primary pigments.

    Paintings are available for purchase (enquiry on price) or for commission.

    The artist at Francis Arts also has a wide ranging portfolio of digital and 35mm prints with a specialisation in landscapes, insects and animals, and urban geometries. Please get in contact to see a portfolio of photographs for purchase.

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    Self employed / sole trader





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