Haringey Fixers


We run two monthly Repair Cafés in Tottenham for weekend afternoons of fixing and skill -sharing

Lordship Hub and Broadwater Farm, Tottenham, N17 6, GB

Craft & Making
Arts Education
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    People have always creatively repurposed old, broken things, often upcycling. It’s good for us and the planet, saves us money and reduces the size of the waste stream.

    Community responses to increasing scarcity of the skills needed to make and repair common household objects surfaced with the Arts and Crafts movement in the 1900s. People worried they’d lose the skills needed to maintain craft-based lifestyles if machines took over and all the creatives starved. They wanted a return to working by hand with natural materials and were implicitly sustainable.

    Nowadays climate change has brought a lot of things into focus, not least the ‘planned obsolescence’ of goods designed to last a short time so you have to rebuy again and again as the manufacturers profit to all our cost.

    By encouraging people to swap skills, we think we can fix more or less anything - please consider coming to our afternoon events of fixing ands skill sharing.

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