House of Frisson


House of Frisson repurposes existing objects by painting and applying collage to plates, vases, etc.

South Tottenham, London, N4, GB

Craft & Making
Mixed Media
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    I’m originally from Brazil and have been living in London since 2004.

    I have done many short courses in arts and fashion, including a styling course at the British College of Professional Styling and a BTEC Level 2 in fashion. Other courses include Life Drawing and Print Making.

    House of Frisson started with a coffee table, which I decided to give a new life by applying decoupage to it. Then, I moved to ceramic plates, using the same technique, to re-purpose discarded dining plates so that they could become art pieces to be displayed around the house.

    Since then, I have experimented with the technique on other materials and objects, even on a bigger scale such as a full-sized collage on a two-door cupboard in my bedroom.

    I could say that I love experimenting and I have a passion for unusual and quirky things, and for people who think outside the box, who are creative and dare to be themselves. All of these are represented in everything I do.

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    Self employed / sole trader



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