Marlon Kameka


Artist, Youth Practitioner and Activist

North Tottenham

Music & Performing Arts
Arts Education
Performing Arts
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    My ethos is to create work which is both educational and entertaining. I use a range of art forms to engage and inspire both the performer and the audience to learn, laugh and implement some kind of positive change either in their own lives, in the lives of the people they know, in their community or the world at large.

    As a Youth Practitioner I have facilitated theatre and dance classes and workshops across the UK for children and adults of all ages. I believe that every child, regardless of their background or ability, should be given the opportunity to participate in the Performing Arts. It aids in the development of a person’s confidence, social skills, communication skills, the ability to team build and so much more.

    As an Activist I constantly strive to work with individuals, organisations or movements that seek justice, freedom, and equality for all marginalised communities.

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    Self employed / sole trader



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