Snitches Get Stitches


Snitches Get Stitches creates hand-embroidery art, inspired by feminism, pop culture and politics.

South Tottenham, London, N17, GB

Craft & Making
Fashion & Beauty
Mixed Media
Fine Art
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    I'm originally from the North East, but have lived in London since 2010, and Tottenham since 2019.

    I bought a cross-stitch kit in 2015 and couldn't understand the instructions, so I created my own piece. In 2017, I set up an Etsy shop and in 2018 started selling my work at markets across London, and so Snitches Get Stitches was born.

    Since then, I have evolved into other types of hand-embroidery, learning different stitches and beginning to upcycle thrifted clothing from 2020.

    I want Snitches Get Stitches to be fun, creative and inclusive, as well as allowing people to express themselves through what they wear and what they put on their walls, in a medium they might not necessarily be familiar with.

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