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I am a photographer working across the sports, entertainment and advertising industries.

Flat 15, Lauriston Apartments, Ambleside Close, London, N17 6FF, GB

Media, Film & Photography
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    The most amazing experiences in my life have come through photography. From climbing to Camp Two on Everest; photographing axe-wielding Black Metal bands in the woods of Norway; meeting a snowmobile-riding Arctic vicar in the the most Northerly town in the world; or drinking beer with Finnish ice fishermen on a frozen lake, all the most rewarding things I’ve done have come from the times I challenged myself and went outside my comfort zone.

    I have been photographing actors, musicians, athletes and industry professionals for 20 years and I’m fascinated by the human spirit, and the amazing things people can achieve when they dedicate themselves to a goal.

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    Self employed / sole trader



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